Wine-growing and dynamic agrivoltaics

Wines are durably threatened by climate changess

This is an issue valid for most wines throughout the world, of which Mediterranean, Californians, Australian and South-African wines.

Consequences are already dire:

  • Harvests are brought forward,
  • Higher water stress some years during the summer which drastically reduces yields,
  • Modification of the quality of grapes and of the aromatic profile of the wines: maturation periods with high temperatures,
  • High climate risks…

Simulation of the climate change effects on the yield in French vineyards for the end of the 21yst centur

(Source: Payan J-C, 2012 according to Garcia Cortazar I., 2006 in Viticulture et changement climatique; adaptation de la conduit du vignoble méditerranéen)
Our solutions

Our solutions

Smart shading to limit excess light and heat:

  • Reduction of alcohol content of wines
  • Preservation of aromatic profiles of wines
  • Alternative to irrigation during dry periods for vineyards with no access to water: 20% of water saving
  • Preservation and even increase of yields: fight recurring drops of grape yields related to climate change

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