Tree crop and dynamic agrivoltaics

Several damaging events show that the tree-growing sector is increasingly more sensitive to the effects of climate variations.

  • Fruit growers are complaining of burns or “sun burns” on their fruits due to intense sunshine. These damaged fruits are often sold as second choice or even considered as not fit for consumption and therefore not sold.
  • For the last few years, the tree-growing sector has been experiencing spring frosts which can be detrimental to production, up to 70% of loss of total volume of production. This results in a huge loss of income or high insurance premiums.
  • Beside, hail storms are more and more intense with devastating consequences on some orchards: increase of heterogeneity of the plot, destruction of plants, reduction of production potential for the following years,…
  • Therefore, the use of protective nets over orchards becomes a necessity to protect productions.
Our solutions

Our solutions

Synergy with existing uses:

  • Trellising of trees thanks to the structure poles (1 row of tree out of 2)
  • Installing protective nets over orchards (hail, insects, wind)
  • Automated winding and unwinding systems of nets combined with a weather forecast station and system.

Smart shading

  • Alternative to irrigation during dry periods: 20% of water saving per plot
  • Preserving quality: protection of fruits against burns during period of strong sunshine
  • Maintain, and even increase, yields: reduce erratic losses related to climate variations (frost, hail, strong wind)

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