Green houses and dynamic agrivoltaics

The future of market gardening lies in better protecting current crops

  • As it finds its way to the consumer’s plate 365 days a year, it is therefore important to protect market gardening production from damages caused by the effects of climate change. The consequence is that farmers thus enclose their crops
  • In addition to highly water-thirsty production systems, temperatures inside greenhouses are very often too high as off April-May in intense sunshine regions, despite ventilation systems. Farmers are thus projecting limestone over the greenhouses to create a protection against sun rays and reduce the temperature inside. This black and white solution of “all or nothing” is not optimum and may have negative effects during years where the summer sunshine is not strong enough.
  • Eventhough greenhouses are developing some market gardener continue to work in open fields as they don’t have the necessary funds to invest in shelters.


Our solutions

Our solutions

Smart shading:

  • Protection against climate variations: quantitative and qualitative improvement of productions
  • Alternative to irrigation during dry periods: 20% of water saving per plot
  • Reduction of the temperature inside the greenhouse during hot periods
  • Alternative to whitewashing greenhouses by controlling the shade needed by the crops in real time
  • Advantageous shift of harvesting periods: lengthening for new market opportunities

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