Market gardening

Market gardening

The future of the market gardening sector lies in better protecting current crops:

  • Market gardening, whose products end up in consumers’ plates all year round, must be protected from damages caused by the consequences of climate change. Farmers are thus forced to enclose cultivated areas.
  • In addition to being extremely water-intensive, temperatures within greenhouses are often too high as off April-May in very sunny regions, despite ventilation systems. Therefore, producers spray whitewash over the greenhouses to protect them from the sunshine and thus reduce temperatures inside. This “all or nothing” solution is far from ideal.
  • Even though the number of greenhouses is increasing, some farmers continue to work in open fields due to a lack of belief in these protections. agrivoltaism addresses them also.

Our solution

Agrivoltaism benefits on market gardening

Smart shadow brings:
A protection against climate hazards : improvement of the crop production in terms of quality and quantity;
An alternative to irrigation when drought : 20% of water saved on the parcel;
An alternative to greenhouse bleaching by contrôling the amount of shade in real time and depending on the needs of the crops;
– Possibility of staggering the stages of maturity / date of harvest : bringing new market opportunities.