Scientific and technical partners

A multidisciplinary consortium for agrivoltaic synergy

Sun’R –  inventor of dynamic agrivoltaics with INRA

Our company boasts a 10 year-expertise in solar energy and 8 years of research in dynamic agrivoltaic systems.

INRA – inventor of dynamic agrivoltaics with Sun’R

Second agronomic research center in the world, INRA is the leader in the development of growth models for plants under agrivoltaic systems

iTK – World leader of smart agriculture

The company is an expert in the development of models helping to plan crops growth and yield according to the climate, ground and farming techniques.

IRSTEA – Historical partner of the project

This laboratory of reference in the world on irrigated systems focuses on the design of water consumption models

Sun’R Smart Energy – Expert in modern mathematical methods of optimization and industrial IT for the energy sector

Sun’R Smart Energy has been involved in Sun’Agri for two years and is developing the optimization module which will determine the best strategies to operate the photovoltaic panels in order to optimize the plants growth.


Optimum Tracker –  Expert in the optimization of photovoltaic power station

This company is in charge of developing bearing structures for the agrivoltaic system as well as trackers to tilt the panels

Photowatt – Main industrial player in the French photovoltaic sector

This partner designs and manufactures photovoltaic panels which have been specifically designed for the agrivoltaic systems


CEA-INES – Specialist of technological innovation for the photovoltaic sector

INES role is to participate in the design and validation of panels specifically adapted to the needs of agrivoltaic systems

Chamber of Agriculture

The chambers of Agriculture are in charge of agronomic monitoring of the demonstrators of the technology

CIRAD – International Agronomic research Centre for the Development

This scientific stakeholder participates in the development of a 3D model of plants in order to assess the radiation balance, leaf by leaf

La Pugère – Field station for the Pear & Apple sector

This field station will soon host an agrivoltaic demonstrator in tree-growing

Domaine de Nidolères – An 8 generation-family-owned wine-growing domain

This vineyard has been selected to host the first agrivoltaic system on a large scale

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