At the foot of te Albères mountains, on a surface area of 7ha, the innovant installation designed by Sun’R is “the rehabilitation of vineyards, re-planted and combined to the agrivoltaic technology”. A great inteview with the CEO of the group,  Antoine Nogier…. Read more here (in French)

Sun’Agri, a research program which started over 10 years ago, is now becoming a reality with the plantation of vines under remotely controlled photovoltaic panels at the Nidolères domain in Tresserre. It is a world first and the results are highly anticipated. Vignes connectées demonstrator inaugurated this summer

Eventhough their objectives are different, two providers are experimenting with vine coverage equipments. The Viti-tunnel’s objective is to limit the amount of treatments and to protect the vines against hail and even frost, while Sun’R offers to provide shade with solar pannels. A complete paradigm shift in both cases. Full article here

Sun’R and INRA are hoping to provide a solution to climate change by controlling dynamic solar panels’ tilt above the vines according to water stress. First installation in a vineyard in the Western Pyrenees in the Spring of 2018. Full article here

The concept of agrivoltaics appeared in the 1980s. However, the technology of micro-climate regulation received by plants has truly been developing since 2009.  Our Director of Development, Pierre Guerrier, answers questions related to agrivoltaics and how it works. Full article here

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