Optimization at the heart of agrivoltaic synergy

The core of our agrivoltaic innovative solution lies in an operation algorithm which enables us to tilt the solar panels at sub-hourly time step in order to dynamically optimize crop growing. This smart operation of the panels enabling the synergy between the solar system and the plant is carried out through a digital model.


The software suite architecture described above uses the various models

  • The agronomic model to describe the photosynthetic assimilation of plants under fluctuating shading
  • Water behaviour model:
    • Describing the water from the root to evapotranspiration under fluctuating shading
    • Modelling of rainwater on panels and in the ground
  • Weather forecast and on site sensors developed to forecast temperatures/sunshine/humidity
  • AV Studio®, a calculation software able to simulate agrivoltaic combination:
    • for the “agri” part: 3D modelling of plants and parameters impacting the growth according to the weather and panels position
    • for the “voltaic” part: modelling of electrical output according to the weather, the panels position and the technical characteristics of the systems used (panels, cables, inverters)
  • Optimization model of the position of panels to calculate the optimum trajectory of the panels during the hour and during the day.



Sun’R, operator of the operation algorithm, makes sure that the system is not distorted and that the crop comes first

  • From then on exchanges will be three ways (farmer, photovoltaic panels provider and Sun’R)
  • Eventually, the operation of panels will be independent from electricity production in order to make sure that the tilt of the panels will not be decided to increase electricity incomes to the detriment of the crop.
  • This third party is paid both by the farmer and the power station provider since they provide services to both players.
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