The company

Sun’Agri Pioneer of dynamic agrivoltaism

Sun’Agri originated in 2009 when 2 men crossed paths: Christian Dupraz agroforestry researcher at INRAE and Antoine Nogier, Chairman and founder of Sun’R group. At the time the objective was to understand the conditions in which photovoltaics could improve agriculture without competing with it.

3 research programs of increasing scale were successively implemented over a decade under the supervision of Sun’R and the participation of INRAE and in time joined by iTK and Photowatt. The programs initially focused on fundamental research and have confirmed the benefits of step-by-step dynamic agrivoltaism. Today the ongoing programs focus on the development of operational models and algorithms controlling the panels, in order to get the optimum effect, as well as large scale demonstrators of the systems.

Sun’agri became a subsidiary dedicated to dynamic agrivoltaism projects and above all to the development of panels’ optimal controlling tools and models (for plants).  Sun’Agri is the trailblazer and world leader of dynamic agrivoltaic technology.

3 patents, 3 PhD thesis
and proven results on plants protection and water savings

Launch of the first research program to confirm the concept of PV structures over crops


Implementation of the first dynamic agrivoltaic structure and development of controlling softwares – test over vine and lettuce


Inauguration of the first world demonstrator in a vineyard in the easter Pyrenean region in France – 4.5ha


Creation of the Sung’Agri subsidiary, previously incorporated into Sun’R


Sun’Agri won 15 projects following the Energy Regulatory Commission calls for tender

Committed and multi-disciplinary team

Sun’Agri is composed of a highly multi-disciplinary team: agricultural engineers, agricultural experts, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as data scientists and machine learning experts.

The entire Sun’Agri team shares strong beliefs and the will to offer meaningful solutions for the agricultural sector.

Our values

Sun’Agri is a committed stakeholder to the development of sustainable agriculture and puts agriculture at the heart of its project: we listen to the need, we offer solutions and we work together throughout the project.

Our ambition

Thanks to the development of new technologies, our ambition is to contribute to the resilience of crops suffering from climate change.

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