The concept in detail

The concept of agrivoltaism

A double system

Agrivoltaism is a double system combining, over one surface, a crop and photovoltaic solar panels, raised above ground and controlled according to the physiological needs of the plants.
The panels protect the plants by modifying the climate over the crops and producing clean, renewable and competitive energy.

The technology

A structure built on high ground

The agrivoltaic technology uses the same principle as intercropping. Several varieties are farmed on one surface of land and over several levels, thus creating a synergy between the crops. In the case of agrivoltaism: one level for farm production and one level for electric production. 

The agrivoltaic structure is installed 4 or 5 meters above ground to let farming machinery circulate between crops and perform agricultural work.

The possible distance between poles is from 7 to 9 meters in order to keep the standard spacings of crop rows and of the plant density per hectare.

The system is installed on steel-forged poles without any impact on the environment. No concrete, easy dismantling and minimum ground pollution

A concept dedicated to agriculture

A unique technology and panels adapted to agricultural work

To improve the agricultural production, the shadow over the crops is controlled in real time by piloted dynamic solar panels.

When the panels are position in the shadow position, plants are protected from excess of light and do not suffer from hydric stress. When panels are positioned vertically, they let all the sunlight shine on the crops. When there is hail, the panels are positioned horizontally to preserve the ground temperature (+1 to 3°C).

The solar panels are mobile in an angle of +/- 90°C and the size of the structure allows a total absence of shadow.

The algorithms are the heart of the innovation

AV Studio© and smart panel controlling

The heart of our innovation stands in the development of piloting algorithms that allow a adapted positioning of the photovoltaic panels in real-time to maximize the plant growth.

AV Studio © is a software that has been developed for the last 10 years by our Scientific team. Great innovation, this software is a world premiere and unrivalled. It uses the growth models of each plant to control the direction of the photovoltaic panels in the most accurate way.

This software suite is structured using the following models:

  • – Agronomic models that describe the photosynthetic assimilation of the plants under fluctuating shade.


  • – Models based on the hydric behavior:
    • Describing the water from the root to the evapotranspiration under fluctuating shade
    • Modelling the flow of rain on the panels and on the ground
  • – Weather forecast and sensors developed in situ to anticipate the temperatures/ sunshine /humidity
  • – Models that help calculate the optimal trajectory of the panels during the hour and the day.

The technology

Solar panels suited for agricultural needs

The tracking system of the panels enables their mobility and inclination. which enables to let as much light available when the plant is in photosynthesis

The two-sided photovoltaic panels increase the electricity production when compared to traditional modules.

A glass layer on the back side: semi transparency to improve light transmission

The production of electricity is also increased because it uses the albedo i.e. the light diffused from the ground and the environment.

Those panels have a high durability in agronomical environment. They resist to phytosanitaire treatments and are 90% recyclable.