Vines are threatened

By 2050, the European vine-prone land will have decreased by an average of 68% due to global warming.

This is true for most world wines of which Mediterranean, Californian, Australian and South-African wines.

Consequences are already huge:

  • Harvests happen earlier;
  • Water stress, more acute some summers, dramatically reduces yields;
  • Increase demand in water;
  • Modification of the grape quality and of the aromatic properties of wines: maturation period subjected to high temperatures;
  • Grapes reach early maturity;
  • Increase in sugar level in grape and thus of the alcoholic content;
  • Higher climate risks, etc.

Simulation of the effects of climate change on the yield in French vineyard for the end of the 21st century.

(source : Payan J-C., 2012 d’après García de Cortázar I., 2006, in Viticulture et changement climatique : adaptation de la conduite du vignoble méditerranéen)

    Our solution

    Advantages of agrivoltaism for the vine

    The  Sun’Agri solution provides smart shadings in order to limit excessive light and heat:
    – Reduction of wines’ alcohol content;
    – Preservation of aromatic properties of wines;
    – Alternative to irrigation during dry periods for vineyards far from water sources: up to 20% in water saved;
    – Preservation and even increase in yields : tackles recurring reductions of yield related to climate change.