You are an electricity producer

Expand your business by deploying our dynamic agrivoltaics technology.

This will enable you to offer intelligent louvre control and to make use of our agronomic monitoring services.

Are you a developer and/or operator of photovoltaic systems and are looking to expand into the dynamic agrivoltaics market to offer a “win-win” solution that avoids conflicts of use by supporting the activities of your agricultural partners? Sun’Agri’s expertise helps you to meet the needs of farmers by deploying a unique technology for developing agrivoltaic projects that also preserves farming activities.

We will support you with the following:

  • Support in identifying suitable projects and determining agricultural needs
  • Agronomic qualification of projects and preparation of technical documents
  • Support with and consultation on administrative procedures
  • Support in communicating with agricultural stakeholders
  • Technical specifications and installation of agronomic sensors
  • Monitoring of planting activities, agronomic monitoring throughout the project life cycle and control of the agrivoltaic louvres
  • The specification of a load-shedding rate for energy production that is binding for Sun’Agri

Sun’Agri, a pioneer and the global leader in dynamic agrivoltaics, is the only solution on the market that delivers both agricultural and energy yields.

Sun’Agri’s core business is the provision of agronomic expertise and the optimisation of sunlight use, by prioritising first the needs of the plant and then the production of electricity. Our businesses are complementary.

We are committed to a culture of partnership and believe that together, we can act more quickly in the face of the climate emergency.

We do not invest in the installation, which has the following advantages:

  • Farmers can be sure that agricultural yields are our first priority,
  • Photovoltaic operators can be sure that the technical solution will be acceptable in the long run.

We will provide training for your staff and share our expertise in the design of the system. On each farm, we will check the agronomic aspects, examine the positioning of the louvres and ask you to set aside a control plot to verify the agronomic performance. We will set up the system for controlling the louvres and provide agronomic monitoring throughout their life cycle.

We will draw up a framework agreement that defines our respective roles and will then implement it site by site.


You are an agricultural producer

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You are a local authority

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