You are a local authority

If you own agricultural land, would like to attract farmers to abandoned land, are affected by climate change, or would like to understand what dynamic agrivoltaics is, contact us to discuss your options

Sun’Agri is a French SME.

Sun’Agri is a pioneer and the global market leader in dynamic agrivoltaics.

Sun’Agri is the only solution on the market that delivers green electricity while preserving agricultural yields.

If you want to act in a sustainable way in the face of the climate emergency, soil artificialisation, the decline of agriculture, the exodus of farmers and the implementation of the energy transition, we will design a specific, tailor-made solution for you, including financing.

We are already working with chambers of agriculture, agricultural cooperatives, government agencies, regional governments, etc.

Come and visit our demonstration systems, works in progress and projects in operation.

We need your help to further develop our activities!

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