You are an agricultural producer

If you are a wine, vegetable or fruit grower, we have the right solution for you

We will design a sunlight management strategy adapted to the needs of your crop and your production targets. Each strategy has been tested using our dedicated experimental systems. So far, we have installed demonstration systems on apple trees, vines, apricot trees and vegetable crops, monitored by independent third-party researchers and organisations.

We will set up a control plot on your farm without louvres to verify the system’s performance.

The metal structure that supports the solar louvres is designed to:

  • Take plant density into account,
  • Adapt to the plant height,
  • Allow for mechanisation,
  • Facilitate shared use.

Sun’Agri supports you throughout all the stages of your agrivoltaic project: from identifying your needs to financing, administrative procedures, engineering and commissioning. You can choose to invest in a whole or a partial solution.

The investor finances agronomic monitoring, which will be conducted by a third party and supervised by Sun’Agri during the first five years of operation. We will share the measurements from the instrumentation installed on your farm with you in complete transparency.

Sun’Agri’s agrivoltaics solutions deliver tangible results:

Lower temperature peaks:
Temperatures up to 5°C lower during heatwaves
Reduced risk due to spring frost
Night temperatures under the agrivoltaic installation between 1 and 4°C higher
Reduction of water use and water stress:
Reduction of between 12% and 50% under the agrivoltaic installation
Improved aromatic and phenolic quality:
Alcohol content: up to 2% less Acidity: increases of between 9% and 14% Anthocyanin: increases of up to 13%
The system also supports additional functions:
Irrigation, nets
Yield optimisation:
Comparison with a control plot

The five main project stages

1. Project launch
A Sun’Agri representative will meet with you to discuss your agrivoltaic project; this person will be your sole point of contact, from the initial consultation to the commissioning of the louvres, in order to design a control system that is adapted to your specific goals and climate protection needs.
2. Administrative procedures
After signing a framework agreement, your Sun’Agri representative will take care of the administrative procedures: building permits, getting a quote for the purchase of electricity from the government, requesting an electrical connection, and signing the lease between the landlord and the company carrying out the project.
3. Project financing
Thanks to the “Cultivons Demain!” initiative, Sun’Agri can assist you with project financing if you decide to become a shareholder in the company (in whole or in part).
4. Installation of the system
Our engineers will coordinate and supervise the construction of your agrivoltaic system.
5. Planting of crops
Planting takes place at the end of construction.

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