Research programme and publications

The Sun’Agri solution is the result of 12 years of research and development

Sun’Agri is also a unique research programme:

Since 2009, the Sun’R group has been engaged in agrivoltaics research in collaboration with INRAE. Agrivoltaics is aimed at high-value crops that suffer from global warming.

The SunAgri programme was implemented in several stages:

  • 2009-2012: Sun’Agri 1. The key finding was that at full panel density, yields are greatly reduced (by around 40%). Under half-density conditions (30% shading), some crops achieved equivalent or even higher agricultural yields than those on control plots (without panels).
  • 2013-2017: Sun’Agri 2. Development of the software and hardware platforms, as well as implementation of the first agrivoltaic model on lettuce and vines, for which movable panels were used.
  • 2017-2022: Sun’Agri 3. We are currently in the demonstration phase, during which we are deploying our agrivoltaics solution on a large scale and under real-world conditions.
Academic dissertations

Hélène Marrou (2012)
“Produire des aliments ou de l’énergie : faut-il vraiment choisir ? Evaluation agronomique de la productivité de systèmes agrivoltaïques” (Producing food or energy: do we really have to choose? An agronomic evaluation of the productivity of agrivoltaic systems)
Montpellier SupAgro
Defended on 18 December 2012

Benoît Valle (2017)
“Modélisation et optimisation de la croissance de la laitue dans un système agrivoltaïque dynamique” (Modelling and optimisation of lettuce growth in a dynamic agrivoltaic system)
Montpellier SupAgro
Defended on 26 June 2017

Yassin Elamri (2017)
“Bilan hydrique et développement de culture sous panneaux photovoltaïques dynamiques : de la modélisation à l’évaluation de solutions agrivoltaïques” (Water balance and crop development under dynamic photovoltaic panels: from modelling to the evaluation of agrivoltaic solutions)
Montpellier SupAgro
Defended on 15 December 2017

Benjamin Tiffon-Terrade (2022)
“Analyse et modélisation de l’effet d’un ombrage dynamique sur le développement de la vigne et la qualité du raisin” (Analysis and modelling of the effect of dynamic shading on vine development and grape quality)
In progress, to be defended in 2022

Arturo Ramos Fuentes (2022)
“Analyse et modélisation de la croissance et du développement des grandes cultures sous dispositif agrivoltaïque” (Analysis and modelling of the growth and development of field crops under agrivoltaic systems)
In progress, to be defended in 2022

Perrine Juillion (2022)
“Analyse et modélisation de l’effet du microclimat et de l’ombrage sur les précurseurs de rendement et la croissance des fruits” (Analysis and modelling of the effect of microclimate and shading on yield precursors and fruit growth)
In progress, to be defended in 2022

Noé Savalle-Gloire (2023)
“Analyse et modélisation des effets du microclimat et de l’ombrage sur les précurseurs de rendement et de croissance des tomates” (Analysis and modelling of the effects of microclimate and shading on yield and growth precursors in tomatoes)
In progress, to be defended in 2022

Academic conferences: abstracts, papers, presentations
Agrivoltaics2020 – oral presentations

Water Status, Irrigation Requirements and Fruit Growth of Apple Trees Grown under Photovoltaic Panels
Perrine Juillion, ITK

AV-Studio: A Toolbox to Simulate, Optimize and Control Dynamic Agrivoltaic Systems
Jean Garcin, Sun'R

Extended Talk: Development of a Decision Support System to Evaluate Crop Performance under Dynamic Solar Panels
Jérôme Chopard, itk

Effect of Shading on Phenological Development of Grapevines
Benjamin Tiffon-Terrade, INRAE/ITK

Agrivoltaics2020 - Visual presentations

Adapting Mounting Systems and Geometries of a Photovoltaic Power Plant for an Agrivoltaic Application
Quentin Bouchard, Sun'Agri

Needs and Requirements of a Qualification Framework for Agrivoltaic Projects
Anne-Lise Salomé, SUN'AGRI

Impact of Shading on Physiological Processes Responsible for Tomato Yield and Quality in Greenhouse
Noé Savalle-Gloire, ITK

Field Crops Growth Under Dynamic Agrivoltaic Systems: Response to Shade and Optimization of Irrigation
Isaac Arturo Ramos Fuentes, itk / SupAgro / INRAE Occitanie

Agrivoltaics2021 – oral presentations

Crop modelling under solar panels: relevance of detailed radiative climate characterization
Jerome Chopard, ITK, Agrivoltaics2021

Impact of full sun tracking with photovoltaic panels on subsequent year bloom density and fruit drop in apple trees
Perrine Juillion, INRAE, ITK

Field crops growth under dynamic agrivoltaic systems: response to shade and optimization of irrigation
Isaac A. Ramos-Fuentes, INRAE, ITK

Transient Shading Effect on Tomato Yield in Plastic Greenhouse
Noé Savalle—Gloire, INRAE, ITK

Crop modelling under solar panels: relevance of detailed radiative climate characterization
Jerome Chopard, ITK

Does shading affect grape quality at harvest in agrivoltaic systems?
Benjamin Tiffon-Terrade, INRAE, ITK

How would transient shading provided by dynamic agrivoltaic systems placed above plants influence air temperature?
Arnaud Champetier, Nicolas Saurin, INRAE Pech Rouge, Agrivoltaics2021

Agrivoltaics2021 - visual presentations

The importance of 3D models to calculate shading ratios
Jean Garcin, Sun’R Groupe

Other publications featuring experimental data


initial conclusive results on photovoltaic shading

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presentation of SUN’AGRI at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris

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Présentation lors de la journée Presse INRAE

presentation at the INRAE Media Day – MEDIA_SUNAGRI3-Journée Presse INRAe-20200312.pdf

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Webinaire Vitisphère

“Climat le défi de la filière viticole: l’agrivoltaïsme dynamique outil de protection des cultures” (The climate challenge facing the wine industry: dynamic agrivoltaics as a crop protection tool), with the participation of CA PO and the Florensac Cooperative Winery

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