/ 7 July 2017

Press Release: INRA – “L’académie d’agriculture de France récompense treize chercheurs de l’Inra en 2013” (The French Academy of Agriculture recognises 13 INRA researchers in 2013)


During its formal session on 25 September 2013, the French Academy of Agriculture presented its annual awards and medals. Among the recipients was Hélène Marrou, the first doctoral student to conduct research on our fixed agrivoltaic system, who was singled out for the quality of her work.

Hélène Marrou defended her thesis, which was financed by Sun’R, an energy producer, under a Cifre agreement, at INRA’s joint research centre on “Functioning and Management of Tropical and Mediterranean Cropping Systems” (CIRAD-INRA-Montpellier SupAgro) in Montpellier. This medal rewards her work on highly innovative topic of so-called “agrivoltaic” cropping systems (crops grown under solar panels).