/ 3 May 2017

Press Release: Sun’Agri 3 wins the “Eco-efficient Industries and Agriculture” call for projects organised by AAP PIA


Sun’Agri 3 is one of the winners of funding for investments in the future, as part of ADEME’s “Eco-efficient Industry and Agriculture” call for projects. The programme brings together a multidisciplinary consortium consisting of six partners and has a total budget of approximately €15 million.

This third phase of our R&D project aims to demonstrate the suitability of dynamic agrivoltaics for various crops, as well as to:

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution to agricultural and photovoltaic stakeholders in real-world conditions,
  • Expand it to more climates, crops and socio-cultural environments,
    • Reach critical mass,
    • Cover a sufficient diversity of agricultural practices,
    • Maintain and strengthen our market lead,
  • Enhance the added value of our agrivoltaic system,
    • Lower costs,
    • Add value by responding to customer needs,
  • Create a benchmark for harmonious and controlled development,
    • Define the rules of good practice,
    • Define technical benchmarks, both in France and internationally,
    • Pave the way for the implementation of a standard