/ 13 November 2018

Article: World first in Tresserre in the Pyrenées-Orientales: photovoltaics and viticulture reconciled

Inauguration de la première centrale agrivoltaïque au monde

A world first: an innovative pilot project in Tresserre allows for the production of photovoltaic energy without any conflict over land use.

Agrivoltaics. This new term designates the most effective way of combining agriculture and solar energy production – two fields that have long been at odds. The elected members of the Chamber of Agriculture have fought long and hard against hectares of land being covered with solar panels, which represents both an aesthetic insult and an irremediable loss of agricultural areas. But it is possible to achieve synergies between these two sectors of activity. The proof can be found on the Domaine de Nidolères in Tresserre, an estate owned by the Escudié family. This pilot site, supported by the Sun’R group, is a world first because it is “free of conflicts of use”.

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