/ 22 October 2020

Press Release: Sun’Agri is proud to contribute to the success of AgriVoltaics2020, the world’s first conference dedicated to agrivoltaic systems


As the first technology to combine the optimisation of agricultural yields with the protection of crops against weather hazards and the production of green energy, dynamic agrivoltaics is one of the most promising solutions for the adaptation of agriculture to climate change. The first global conference dedicated to this technology, AgriVoltaics2020, took place online from 14 to 16 October, with Sun’Agri as one of its main sponsors.

Initially scheduled to take place in Perpignan in the south of France in August, with a planned visit to the world’s first dynamic agrivoltaic demonstration system in Tresserre, AgriVoltaics2020 was eventually held online and included various presentations, round tables and a virtual technical tour of Sun’Agri instead of the site visit.

The idea behind dynamic agrivoltaics is to protect agricultural crops against weather hazards by placing mobile solar panels above them, at a sufficient height to allow for the passage of agricultural machinery. These solar panels are placed at the service of the plant; controlled by algorithms tailored to its needs, they tilt to provide sunlight or shade, as required.

The first global conference dedicated to this breakthrough technology was a great success, with around 60 contributions and nearly 350 participants, mostly researchers and academics from all over the world who joined in to exchange views on agrivoltaics, especially its scientific aspects. The progress made by Sun’Agri, one of the event’s main sponsors, on the scientific dimension and the control algorithms attracted a lot of curiosity in particular.

“The urgency of climate change is pushing us to develop and promote solutions for adapting agriculture to this challenge. It is therefore only natural for us to take an active part in the development of the agrivoltaics industry in France and internationally”, says Antoine Nogier, President and founder of Sun’Agri.

Sun’Agri is a pioneer and the global market leader in agrivoltaics, with more than 12 years of research and development experience in optimising panel control for the benefit of crops. Initially launched as a research programme by Sun’R in 2009, Sun’Agri became a separate entity in 2018, dedicated to the adaptation of agriculture to climate change. The company won the gold medal at the SITEVI Innovation Awards 2019 and has been designated an “Efficient Solution” by the Solar Impulse Foundation.